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Dubbed one of the most innovative and influential historians of my generation — I aim to educate, encourage, and offer practical solutions for equitable change.

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Activists, social justice advocates, and community leaders describe my book 'Wake Up America' as "compelling," "an essential read," and "highly recommended." This collection of essays addresses our nation's most pressing issues.

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My other titles include best selling author, professor at Brown University, 2022 Guggenheim Fellow, and MSNBC Columnist.

I’m an award-winning historian, writer, and social justice advocate.

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State Department Operations Center

"Your excellent lecture provided valuable historical context to our discussion and has received praise from our colleagues and leadership throughout the Department. We are deeply grateful for your time in preparing the presentation on short notice and for your phenomenal insights. It was an honor to learn from you."

"Deeply grateful for your time!"


"The discussion was nothing short of amazing. I cannot express enough, how moved I was by last night's program. I was actually moved to tears about some of the things she said. I truly believe that Dr. Blain's answers to our various questions has helped to create not only awareness in myself, but hopefully awareness and potential change in the others who attended the event."

"I was actually moved to tears"


"Dr. Keisha N. Blain virtually delivered an MLK Day keynote address for our school community, followed by a Q & A session, and the feedback was overwhelmingly positive. Students and adults alike have commented how they appreciated Dr. Blain's articulate and straight-to-the-point manner of answering the questions. As one colleague put it, 'She hit it right out of the park!'"

"She hit it right out of the park!"


"We want to extend many thanks to Dr. Blain for her fireside conversation as it was powerful, insightful and moving. The feedback during and post-program from the executives and all the attendees is that it was an honor to hear Dr. Blain's perspectives, optimism and historical context. A "phenomenal conversation" and I'm grateful to have had the opportunity to hear from someone taking action to create systemic change from a historical lens."

"Powerful, insightful and moving"

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