Public Writings

Civil rights activist Fannie Lou Hamer at the 1964 DNC. (Bettmann/Getty Images)

Most Recent Publications

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Civil Rights International: The Fight Against Racism Has Always Been Global” in Foreign Affairs magazine. 

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Destroying Confederate monuments isn’t ‘erasing’ history. It’s learning from it” in The Washington Post.

The Black Women Who Paved the Way for This Moment” in The Atlantic.

‘Riots,’ ‘Mobs,’ ‘Chaos’: The Establishment Always Frames Changes As Dangerous,” with Tom Zoellner in The Guardian.

A Short History of Black Women and Police Violence” in The Conversation.

Echoes of the 1917 East St. Louis ‘Race Riot’ in Today’s Uprisings” in The Intercept.

Violence in Minneapolis is Rooted in the History of Racist Policing in America” in The Washington Post.

These Overlooked Black Women Shaped Malcolm X’s Life” in Time magazine. 

God is Not Going to Put it in Your Lap.’ What Made Fannie Lou Hamer’s Message on Civil Rights So Radical–And So Enduring” in Time magazine.

Tennessee Just Showed that White Supremacy is Alive and Well” in The Washington Post.

Ida B. Wells Offered the Solution to Police Violence More than 100 Years Ago” in The Washington Post.